At Digitalentapreneur we help start-ups and fast growing tech companies and non tech companies build ready to market products, such as user-friendly web and mobile application and softwares that reduces work processes, optimizes efforts and improves profit generation. We are a dedicated team of professionals who specializes in creating Innovations and building tech solutions in finance, web and mobile development, corporate enterprise development, desktop development and business technology ecosystem.

Basic Web Plan

Basic Web Design


  • Responsive Website
  • 2x Fast Loading
  • Custom Payment Pages

Standard Web Plan

Standard Web Design
  • High Traffic Website
  • Fully Optimized Website
  • Automation and Sales Funnel 
  • Premium Web Solutions
  • A Month Web Management
  • Responsive Website
  • Full Stack Marketing Solutions
  • 2x Fast Loading 
  • Custom Payment Pages

SME Web Plan

SME Web Design
  • Fully Optimized and Automated Website
  • Premium Plugins and Software
  • Responsive Website
  • Email Marketing Automations
  • 2x Fast Loading
  • Custom Payment Pages

Custom Web Development Starting From $5000

  • Web Application
  • Fully Optimized  Website
  • Automation and Funnel 
  • Premium Web Solutions 
  • 1 Year Web Management
  • Responsive Website
  • Fullstack Marketing Solutions
  • Business Expenditure Management Software
  • Transactional email & sms.
  • Ready to market products

We will Help You Build Just Tell us What You want

Our Website Packages are Optimized, this means that, they are pre-installed with sales funnel and  email marketing system.

This is done so that the client never has to complain that there is no traffic or patronage. Our web design package comes with compulsory one month digital marketing.

As a serious businesses your website is not just for viewing, your  website is your major marketing channel.

Here are somethings to consider before building a website

Your website must be an extension of your business
Every of your business systems and processes must be integrated into your website
Your website must be automated, i.e you must work towards automating every single processes of your website

Your website must be responsive that is it must be able to open easily across all channels 

Updated Web Plans

Standard Web Design
Business Web Design Plan
Ecommerce Web Design Plan
Platinum Web Design Plan
Custom Web Development